Electromagnetic Radiation Protection Strategy

Human consciousness accepts change much slower than the movement in tectonic plates. Most do not pay attention to slow rates of change unless the pressure builds to disasters levels of an event like an earthquake. They the normal reaction is to look for an emergency kit which should have been in place.

Unfortunately, when it comes to health is not easy to determine the cause of the disastrous turn of events. It takes interest, observation and common sense to even look for a common cause.

Generally speaking the rate of cancer, diabetes and heart disease is increasing as the quality of life is decreasing. We may be living longer but not without continuous reliance on medication and health care providers. The quality of life is not so good as we age.

As the general state of health is deteriorating, health-conscious individuals are looking for various possible causes that are not related one geographic region, any race or age group. When general state of health is impacted, you need to look at causes that impact the general health of the entire human population.

This is a global way of thinking. Is a carbon emission in China impact someone in the North Pole or the South Pole? Does the loss of a specific plant in the Amazon impact cancer research in US?

The answer is yes. The real question is how much?

When it comes to electromagnetic radiation, the question is not if it impacts health, the question is how much?

Electronic devices are all around us. We use them for work; we use them for play, and we use them for social interactions.

Every electronic device creates an electromagnetic field around it. Some create larger fields and some smaller fields.

To protect yourself, you first need to know that how much radiation you are exposed to. This is where your radiation protection strategy begins. You don’t estimate or speculate about radiation, you use  science and facts without getting into the ideological warfare of large corporations, politicians and lawyers.

A way for you to benefit from science and facts in this area is to get an electronic device that detects the radiation in your environment.

Electronics for safety and health